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    • Hello! I'm glad to join this space. I've been thinking about this journey for over a few years and I'm planning on starting to try in late Spring/early Summer. I identify as a queer cis black  woman. I live in Philly and I was born and raised in RI. I am 39 years old and I work in philanthropy and care deeply about community storytelling and social justice. I've started looking for sperm donors on various sites; it's been challenging finding known black donors who are CMV negative. Looking forward to meeting others on this platform. 
    • HI!  I’m finally on the forum...though it sounds like now we’re moving to WhatsApp.  Anyway, I’m also so glad to have a group of women to walk on this sometimes lonely and confusing road with - definitely makes the journey much sweeter.  I enjoy hearing each of your unique stories and how you are going about this process...also so impressed by how creative, informed and brave everyone is.  Looking forward to offering support and comfort when things don’t go to plan and hopefully sharing in your happy news as well. Good luck Suzanne, keeping fingers crossed fo you! Jessica 
    • Hi Everyone, It was so nice to start to meet you all last night.  I've felt very alone on this journey, which started almost 3 years ago when I did a doula course and cried for 3 days straight realizing that I actually wanted to be a mother, not a doula.  I so appreciated hearing that others are going through the same process of analyzing, often over-analyzing, making decisions about what clinic to use, where to live, how to do this.  After 23 years of living all over the world, I have absolutely no sense of home or any location with an obvious concentration of people I'm close to so it's been agonizing trying to figure out where to move to give myself the best chance of getting pregnant (feeling safe, calm and supported) and where is the best place to raise a child, though I'm grateful to have choices in this and a lot of professional flexibility.  Anyway, I thought I was alone in this and wondered if I was being really irresponsible, so it's nice to know that others are going through the same thing.   Looking forward to talking to you all again next week! Suzanne  
    • @Stephanie Stewart just wanted to make sure you saw this post.  And I sent you a private message with some other info.   
    • I found this screening you can do through Dr. Aimee.  https://eggwhisperer.com/how-it-works/. She basically faxes a lab slip to a Quest lab of your choice--you do the blood draw and schedule a consult with her to discuss. The combined cost is $285.  I know there is a similar service with a doctor somewhere in Florida too but haven't been able to locate her.  You can also use the Modern Fertility test for $159 which allows you to do the collection at home or go to a local Quest lab.  The price includes a call with a fertility nurse to discuss the results and a forum to ask questions. It looks like it might test for more things than Dr. Aimee's test because it tests, AMH, FSH, Estrodial, Thyroid Stimulating Hormone, Testosterone etc.  Note--the above is an Amazon affiliate link so I will get a small credit if you order the test via Amazon.   
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